Is my MS Office 2010 32bit or 64bit


Besides default 32bit version, Microsoft Office 2010 software also come in 64bit version. Majority of users have MS Office 2010 of 32bit version, as default setup installs 32bit version even on 64bit compute systems. This is done for backward compatibility with old files and scripts. However, few users may have 64bit version of MS Office 2010 software – as it allows you to process large file sizes of MS Office files and documents. So, how can we check if MS Office 2010 software installed on my Windows 7 computer is 32bit or 64bit version?

Check if 32bit or 64bit version of Office is installed

1. Open Microsoft Office 2010 application like Microsoft Word on your computer.

2. Once the application window is opened, goto File menu and click Help option.

3. Check for the information on right side of this Help window. You should see Office version under “About Microsoft Word’ option as 32bit or 64bit next to version details.

For sure quick and easy to check if Microsoft Office 2010 installed on computer is 32bit or 64bit version.

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