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Message sent or received on Twitter are called tweets. Ideally a tweet is a short message, less than 140 characters. By default, you will see tweets in language as configured in your Twitter account settings. You can change Twitter language settings and use Twitter in different language. But language options are limited to few languages including Italian, Spanish, Turkish, English, Korean, French, Russian, German and Japanese. What are options if you want to translate tweets to different language that is not currently supported by Twitter (officially).

Use Google Translate service for translating tweets

1. Open Google Translate website. It is a free language translation service from Google and supports number of languages.

2. Copy the tweet messages, just select it with mouse – then right click and click Copy option. Once tweet message is copied, right click on Google Translate box and click Paste option.

3. Your original tweet message will be displayed on Google Translate screen. Now select destination language by clicking box next to translate button.

4. After destination language is selected, click Translate button. You should see original tweet message in different language of your choice.

Similarly, you can translate more tweet messages to any language of choice. Since Google Translate does machine translation, sometimes translation may not be perfect.

Automatic tweet translation using Browser plugins

You can use different web browser extensions or plugins to translate tweet language automatically. To get started you need to install correct script or extension for the browser you use and see all tweet messages in different language of your choice.

1. Google Chrome users can use Social Translate or Twitter Translate extensions.

2. Safari browser users can use Twitter Translate extension for auto tweet translation.

3. Firefox user need to install Greasemonkey addon and then install Twitter Translate userscript.

Above extensions or plugins will translate language of whole Twitter interface. Hence all tweet messages displayed in it will be automatically translated in language of your choice.

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