Show Facebook Send button on website


Facebook Send button allows to send specific webpage along with custom text message privately to any Facebook friend, Facebook group or specific email ID. It has same functionality as ’email this page’ button in different widget services like addotany or sharethis. You can easily add Facebook Send button to your blog or website to allow visitors to share webpage URLs among Facebook friends and others privately.

Get code to display Facebook ‘Send’ button

1. Open Facebook Send button generator webpage on your computer.

2. Enter the URL to send, also select font and color scheme for the Facebook send button.

3. Click Get code button to generate code for displaying Facebook Send button.

4. Paste the generated code on your website template to display the send button. This will allow users to share website URLs privately with online friends.

Once Send button is displayed on website, users can click it to share weblinks privately. After Facebook login prompt,  enter recepients which may include any Facebook users, Facebook group or specific email ID. Enter your custom text message and click Send button to share it privately among specific friends online.

You can also show Facebook ‘Like’ and ‘Send’ buttons together for better integration and user usability. Just open Like Button generator webpage. While generating code, click to check ‘send button’ option in the generator form. Paste the generated code and this should display both “Like & Send” buttons on your website.

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