How to compare multiple PDF files


Are you looking for free software to compare PDF files? Multiple PDF files can be compared on the basis of text and its appearance. PDF (Portable Display Format) is most common format to publish and share text content on the internet as it is compact and easy to manage format. Hence, need to compare text content in PDF format arises. You can easily make such comparison using free Diff PDF software on Windows or MAC computer.

Download Diff PDF to compare PDF files

It allows you to compare text on each pair of pages. You can also compare the appearance of pages. For example: it can point out if diagram figure is changed or paragraph is formatted differently. It also does broad comparison of page ranges like number of pages in specific PDF compared to other PDF file.

1. Click here to download Diff PDF program. You can download specific version for your Windows PC or MAC computer.

2. You can select various options on the right side of the program window. Like compare only appearance or text at given time. You can also adjust zoom and view options.

More settings can be found by clicking Options button at bottom right part. It compares PDF files easily and best part – it is free software for PDF file comparison for MAC and Windows computer.

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