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For starters, Delicious is a bookmarking web service from Yahoo. You can create new Delicious account or use existing Yahoo account to use Delicious bookmarking service. It allows you to bookmark and save links of your favorite websites. You can save interesting websites links that you come across on the internet neatly with relevant tags. Over a period of time, you may want to open and view Delicious bookmarks offline on your computer. You can easily do this by downloading all Delicious bookmarks in the form of XML file.

Download Delicious bookmarks as XML file

Best way to download Delicious bookmarks is saving in the form of XML file, which is small in size and easy to manage. Also, Delicious bookmarks file can be downloaded as XML file without need to install any software on the computer. using online service Delicious XML Exporter.

1. Open Delicious XML Exporter website on your computer.

2. Click Authorize button and you will be redirected to Yahoo account login screen.

3. Login into your Yahoo account that you use for Delicious service.

4. After successful login, you will be redirected back Delicious XML Exporter website.

5. Then you should get prompt to download XML file containing all your Delicious bookmark weblinks.

Open & view bookmarks in Delicious XML file

You will need some program application to open XML file of Delicious bookmarks. Semantic Scuttle is a free software for opening and viewing contents of Delicious bookmark’s XML file. You can view bookmarks in organized format or see associated tag cloud display.

Also, if you are familiar with software. You can setup offline WordPress using WAMP server software and import Delicious XML file to view content in blog like format.

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