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Have you clicked format URL which opened a spam or phishing website? URLs are created using URL shortening service from Google as it shortens long URLs into small and easy to share format. If such URL is pointing to a malware, phising or spam content website – you can inform Google about this. If actual spam or phishing attempt it detected, Google will disable and blacklist the reported url.

Inform Google about spam / phishing URLs

1. Open report spam webpage on your computer. It is a web form to contact Google for reporting spam, phishing and malware content spreading through URL service.

2. Paste, enter or type specific URL that you want to report for blacklisting.

3. Also click to select type of problem with the reported URL among options like: Malware, Phishing, Spam and Not abusive.

4. Enter your email address to receive communication from Google regarding follow-up for spam reporting of specific URL.

5. Type additional comments regarding spam or phishing problem that you have encountered with reported URL.

6. Click Submit button to send entered information in report spam web form to Google for possible action.

You should proactively report spam URLs to keep internet safe from such bad web content. Such spam, malware or phishing content can cause lot of problems for web users and hence do your bit to keep internet clean of bad elements.

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