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Do you want to see your personal photo in the background each time you login into Gmail account to check emails? You can easily upload, add and display personal photos as background images on your Gmail account. This can be implemented using ‘Create your own theme’ feature in the themes section of your Gmail account’s Mail settings. You can show upto 2 photos simultaneously as Gmail background image(s).

Upload & display pics in Gmail inbox’s background

1. Goto and login into your account. Click on icon at top right of the screen. Then click Mail Settings option in the drop down pop-up.

2. Gmail settings webpage should open with lot of options. Click on Themes tab on this webpage.

3. You will see lot of pre-loaded theme options under Theme tab of your Gmail account. Scroll to bottom and click on the last option ‘create your own theme’. This will open change background image theme editor which allows you to upload and display background pics in Gmail inbox.

You can add upto 2 photos to Gmail theme with custom background photos. One can be added at top left part of the main background area of Gmail inbox. While other can be added at the bottom footer part.

4. To add background photo to main area, click on at top left part and then click select button. You should see dialog box with options to add images.

5. You can select from images that you have already uploaded in your Google’s Picasa Web Album. If you want to add a different photo, click Upload photos button on the left sidebar. Then select photo from your computer and upload it.

6. Similarly, you can add background photo to footer area. Click at the bottom part and then click select button. Select any image from Picasa web album or upload new photo using ‘upload photos’ option as mentioned above.

Using above procedure, you can easily display personal photos of yourself, family and relatives in the background of Gmail inbox window and cherish them each time you login into Gmail email account. [via Gmail blog]

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  1. i tried doing the procedure above.still cant upload my own pichure on gmail.tho m very keen on uploading me soon..please

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