Open Run command box on Windows 7


New Windows7 users may find it difficult to locate option to open run box. By default, it is not displayed in start menu on Windows 7 computer. However, you can still easily option Run command box on Windows 7 using either of the following method. There is also option to display Run option in Start Menu by customizing few settings.

Shortcut key to open Run command box

1. Press Win & R keys to open Run command box.

Open Run command box from Start Menu

1. Click on Start (Orb) button and type Run in search box.

2.Press the Enter key and Run Command box should be open on the screen.

Display Run option in Start Menu on Windows 7

1. Right click on the taskbar and click Properties option.

2. Then click on Start Menu tab and click Customize button on it.

3. In Customize Start Menu dialog box, click to check Run Command option. Run option should now appear in the Start Menu.

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