Add & use Facebook account on Windows Phone


You can stay in touch with Facebook friends while on the move on your Windows Phone powered mobile device. Windows phone allows you to add Facebook account and access contents on the phone. Once Facebook account is added, you can view Facebook info in the People hub, Pictures hub and the Me card.

Things to Note before you add Facebook account

1. You can only setup one Facebook account on Windows Phone at any given time. If you want to access a different Facebook account, you need to delete current Facebook account and add new one.

2. You need cellular data or Wi-Fi connection on Windows phone to login into Facebook account and further access its contents.

Add Facebook on Windows Phone mobile

1. On Start screen, flick left to the App list.

2. Then tap Settings > Email & accounts.

3. Now to add Facebook account, tap Add an account >Facebook.

4. Tap the Email address box, and then type the email address(which you use to login into your Facebook account).

5. Then tap on Password box and type password of your Facebook accont.

6. Then tap Sign in to login into your Facebook account on Windows Phone device.

Post on Facebook from Windows Phone mobile

Once you have added Facebook account details to Windows Phone, you can get going by posting status updates to your Facebook from Windows Phone device.

1. On Start, tap Me and then tap most recent message to the right of your profile picture.

2. Type the message you want to post. Tap to select checkbox next to Facebook.

3. Then tap Post (hand icon) at bottom middle.

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