Is Facebook down today


Is Facebook website not opening or working on your computer? Technical problems can bring down any website including site. Facebook server downtime could be due to several reasons, like Facebook updates, new feature roll outs, bug or error fixing. You can easily check if Facebook is down on your computer (unless someone has blocked Facebook on computer).

Ways to check if Facebook is down

1. Facebook down website provide upto date status information if Facebook is website is down. You can view current Facebook website status. It also show, if Facebook website went down in specific country locations around the world. User can also report about Facebook downtime and add comments regarding the same.

2. Down Right is another online resource to keep eye of Facebook downtime status. It displays current Facebook status as UP or DOWN. It also show graph with up and down status information.

3. Facebook blog and announcement webpage provide official information and news related to Facebook. They also update Facebook users regarding possible downtime, reason for downtime and efforts being taken to bring Facebook website accessible online.

4. Use Ping command on Windows computer to check for Facebook down status. Click on Start and type cmd in run or search bar and press the Enter key. In the black pop-up window type ping and press the Enter key.

If you see successful reply (as displayed in screenshot above), then Facebook website is working otherwise it is down due to some reason.

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