Is Facebook free to join & use


Many of your friend and family members must be using Facebook to interact online. Facebook is a good social networking website with lot of features. With huge number of members, you are bound to find people you know or may want to know. Before you sign up for Facebook, there could be a doubt: Is Facebook free to use? or Is there any monthly fee charges for using Facebook?

Facebook is absolutely FREE

Simple answer to this question (or doubt) – Facebook is 100% FREE. Few users may have this doubt about Facebook charging monthly fee for using their social networking website. Unfortunately, such mis-information or rumors spread through less know web publications, blogs or journals.

Also, there is chain of spam emails that inform users about monthly Facebook fee with intention of grabbing credit card or online bank details of users. If you ever get email informing Facebook being paid site and charging monthly fee – just ignore it or better ‘report it as spam’.

Facebook is free now and possible will be free in future as their business model is of earning from advertisements and not charging users monthly fee.

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