How to sign up for new Facebook account


Facebook is a popular social networking website. You may want to sign up for a Facebook account and start socializing with your online friends. To get started with sign up process, you need to decide on Facebook login email address and password. This can be easily done by filling small form to register new Facebook account.

Sign up form for new Facebook account

1. Click here to open webpage with form for new Facebook account sign up.

2. Enter your first name and last name.

3. Then enter your email address. Make sure you enter working email address which you are able to login. You may use email ID from Yahoo, MSN, Gmail, Hotmail or more. Also, you need to enter this email ID everytime at the time of Facebook account login.

4. Then enter any password (that you can remember) for your new Facebook account. Please note, you do not have to enter your provided email ID password. This can be a different password that you should note somewhere or remember.

5. Then select your gender among: male or female from the drop down box.

6. Then select birthday date from drop down box. This is required as users below 13years are not allowed to create and use Facebook account.

7. Once you have entered all details, click sign up button to complete the sign up process.

8. Now login into your email address inbox. For example, if you provided gmail ID, then goto and check confirmation email from facebook. Click on confirmation link provided in the email.

9. Then goto, enter provided email ID and selected password at top right part. Then click ‘Login’ button to enter in your new Facebook account.

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