How to record videos on Windows Phone


Besides taking picture on Windows Phone mobile device, you can also capture videos using it. Video recording functionality is very easy to use on Windows Phone mobile. To get started, press the camera button and switch to video mode to start recording video. After recording, you can view captures videos on the phone or transfer them to your computer or other devices.

Capture video on Windows Phone mobile device

1. Press and hold the Camera button to initiate camera on Windows Phone. The camera button is located on right side on the phone.

2. Switch to video mode (confirm by checking the video mode icon). You can hold the phone vertically or horizontally to record video in portrait or landscape view. Ideally, it is recommended to shoot videos in landscape mode.

3. To refine more settings before video recording, you can tap video settings icon.

4. Then press the Camera button to start recording. Press the Camera button again to stop recording.

5. After video recording is complete, you can find video saved in the Camera Roll album on your phone.

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