How to take picture on Windows Phone


Just got new Windows phone and eager to take beatiful photos? You can easily click photos using your mobile device powered by Windows Phone 7. Look for the camera button to get going with taking pictures on your Windows Phone. Later, you can always browser collection of photos clicked by you and even either as wallpaper of lock screen.

Take photos on Windows Phone mobile device

1. Press and hold the Camera button to start the camera. It is found on the right side of the phone. You can take a picture even if your phone is locked or asleep.

2. With camera mode selected (see camera icon status), hold the phone in either vertically or horizontally for portrait or landscape photo respectively. You can zoom in or zoom out using + and – buttons.

3. Then press camera button halfway to focus on the view, then press take a picture.

4. Picture will be automatically saved in the Camera Roll album on your phone.

Further you can tap and hold picture to view options such as adding it as a favorite, using it as wallpaper for your lock screen and uploading it to Facebook or Windows Live SkyDrive.

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