Reset Windows Experience Index on Windows 7


Windows Experience Index is measure of computer’s software and hardware capability to function. Final result is called base score which is between between 1.0 to 7.9 numbers. Do you have problem running Windows Experience Index test on your Windows 7 computer? You can easily troubleshoot and fix this aspect by resetting WEI feature on your Windows 7 PC.

Delete XML data files to rest WEI feature

1. Click Start Orb button and type / paste C:\Windows\Performance\WinSat\DataStore to open this folder location on your computer.

2. Folder will contain one or more XML files. Delete all these files to reset WEI on your Windows 7 computer.

3. After reset, you can attempt to run WEI test. Goto Start > Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Performance Information and Tools. Alternatively, right click on ‘My Computer’ icon and then click properties option. Then click on ‘Windows Experience Index’ link on right side to open WEI test window.

4. Once ‘Windows Experience Index’ is opened, click ‘Re-run the assessment’ button at bottom right part of the screen to run WEI test.

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