Check version of Skype software


Skype software application is used to make free PC to PC skype calls on the internet. You can also use Skype software app for making telephone calls around the world in different countries. You may want to check version of Skype software already installed on the computer and also update it, if using older version of Skype.

Know Skype software version [Windows & Mac]

1. Open and launch Skype software application on your computer.

2. Sign in using your Skype account login details.

3. Then goto Help > About Skype (Skype for Windows) or Skype > About Skype (Skype for Mac)

4. Current version of Skype app will be displayed.

You can also auto check to make sure you are using latest version of Skype software. Just check Skype for updates to get notification for new Skype version download.

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