Update Skype software to latest version


Skype software application is required for using Skype services. It allows you to make free PC to PC voice and videos calls on the internet. You can also call any phone in different countries using pro Skype account. New features are added and can be used in latest version of Skype software. Hence, you should update Skype software to make best use of latest Skype features and enhancements.

Check Skype for updates & latest version

1. Launch Skype application on your computer.

2. Login into Skype app using Skype account login details.

3. Then goto Help > Check for updates at top menu bar.

4. You will get prompt if new Skype software update is available. If no update is available, you will prompt “You already have latest version of Skype installed’.

If you are downloading and intend to install Skype for the first time on the computer – just open www.skype.com website and download Skype software for specific type of operating system platform like Windows, Mac.

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  1. hello,coz my skype not working well so itry thi

  2. Hello,i want to update my skype to the new version and i failed ,can u do it for me please.. because my skype is not working well so i need to update skype to the latest version ..please help..

    thanks ,nermine

  3. samuel.picardo says:

    Hello, i want to update my skype to the latest version please can you help me with that
    thank you so much.

  4. alikhalifa says:

    I wonder that I could not speak through video though I was in a happit of doing so for more than two months. Now the video button disappeared and the only remained is phone call. please help.

  5. When we try to make a call the call does not go through or we can see them but they cannot see us.

  6. plz i don,t call any way from my skype

  7. nice

  8. Thank you! Helped a lot! :****** <3

  9. Ashfaq ur Rehman says:

    A good way of connection to world.

  10. Thanks alot! I have been wondering ever since i saw the new skype and got jealous.

  11. thanks,for the help

  12. Habib Ahmed says:

    Thanks to help me

  13. misbahmirza says:

    my google page telling me this web google page not available about skype .i m not singing in with skype wats wrong with skype.

  14. my skype is not going to open

  15. sulaiman7866 says:

    what happen my skype. help me pls

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