Change ‘security question’ of Facebook account


Besides Facebook account password, ‘security question’ is another way to establish ownership of Facebook account. It helps identify you as the owner of Facebook account if you ever need to contact Facebook support for help. You can select among 6 predefined questions from Facebook account settings and provide unique answer to for the same. Note: You will not see Security question option, if you previously added security question to your Facebook account.

How to add ‘security question’ on Facebook

1. Login into Facebook account and click on gear icon at top right. Then click on Account Settings option in the menu. Now click on Security option in the column on left side.

2.  Then click on Security Question option and follow on-screen steps. You can select and security question of your choice. Type your unique answer for selected question.

3. Save changes and now your account has additional security measure in the form of security question. Make sure you remember the selected question and answer to establish Facebook account ownership in the future as per requirement.

Can I view & change Facebook’s Security Question

1. To view security question added in your Facebook account, open this URL ( Your security question should be listed at the bottom of this page.

2. As of now there is no way to change security question added to your Facebook account settings. Once a security question is added, it remains there forever (that is Facebook’s official line as of now).

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  1. Derek, Ireland says:

    Great site and helpful answers, but I am one of those Facebook users “frozen out” as I have no recollection of my security question answer. Is there any way of letting Facebook know, so that a reset, driven by me answering other aspects, can be done?


  2. i have put security question one time and there is someone know it , and iam trying to change it but i can’t and i have a lot of problems that this person is logging in to my account and take it then bring it back to me please tell me how to change it again , iam trying but iam not finding it how , please advise ,,,,,,!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. remove your account in help centre.

    open a new one.

    there is no way to change your security question.

  4. mukesh singh rana says:

    i 4get my security answer. Now i want to change it bt i can’t. plz tell me how i can change my security question??????

  5. now a days security questions are issue to the facebook hacking and there is no way to change out security question. facebook should apply the setting to change the security question

  6. when I tried to get on my facebook from a different computer it blocked me out… and then when I came home was still blocked. My security question came up repeatedly but wouldnt accept my answer! I like to have never got in there. Now tried to go in and change the question to something different…. there is no way to do it. crap

  7. I change my Security question once & want to change another time but now there is no option to change. What can i do now

  8. i have missing my security question….

  9. Please note that once you have submitted your security question, the Security Question section will disappear from the Account Settings page. In order to protect your account security, it is not possible to change your account’s security question once you have added one.

  10. try to login ur acc from multiple places ur account will be temporarily locked…..
    then while unlocking it u get two ways…….type wrong security ques again n again………den ur security ques is locked…..then u hv the choice of identifing ur friends n nw u r done…..ones u succeed in that after that u get the option to enter a new security ques……….
    tested by me many times…..

  11. Heydar nawrozy says:

    I have a problem in my facebook?
    when I want to log in my facebook they temporarily locked my facebook because I am using internet with another modem and facebook security team is saying you are using with another internet you must answer the security questions but the problem is here that I forgot the answers and I can’t log in to my facebook please help me that what should I do?

  12. Here is a workaround. Go to : and follow on screen instructions. Facebook will now ask you to change the security question (as you reported your account as compromised.)

  13. Iqbal Zafar says:

    I want to change my security question. kindly help me get this done; by Facebook admin, if not by me.


  14. how security question facebook change

  15. MY ACCOUNT is temporarily locked can’t find security question pls help

  16. Mitch Landy says:

    This does not work! There is no “security question” or “change” under “account!”
    Who posted this? Not Facebook?

  17. no option for security question..!!!!!!!!!! pls help guys…

  18. Deon Fialkov says:

    I think it’s ridiculous that there’s no MODIFY SECURITY QUESTION option on one’s facebook profile ESPECIALLY if there is a few personally identifiable settings to implement.

  19. This is simple. No need for you to create new account… this happens when you use different internet provider, what you have to do is to log-in your account to where you have previously logged-in then click ACCOUNT SETTINGS, then SECURITY, then ACTIVE SESSIONS click EDIT and click END SESSIONS. Voila!

  20. how can i change my fb security quertion via mobile?

  21. Frankie Leather says:

    I cannot remember Security answer to my question…there is not help and i want to add my phone as a device to send to Facebook..this sucks…

  22. my frnd got to know abt my security question & now i want to change but but there is no way i think so, Is there any way to change my security question?

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