Forgot to logout from Facebook account


Did you login Facebook from friend’s phone or laptop and forgot to logout before giving back his phone or laptop? In such event, your friend could access your Facebook account easily. Similar may happen if you forgot to logout Facebook being accessed on public computer.

Secure Facebook account with remote loggout

You can use remote logout feature to to log out of any Facebook session that you may have left active on another computer or device. Under account activity, you will see Facebook sessions logged in from other devices. You can all or either of Facebook login session from different computer, phone or device.

1. In your Facebook account, goto Account > Account Settings at top right.

2. Click ‘change’ next to account security option at the bottom of settings screen.

3. You will see most recent login activity for your Facebook account with current logged in session. End either of session by clicking ‘End activity’ button.

In this way you can keep your Facebook account secure by logging out of active sessions that you may have forgot to logged from other devices.

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  1. I cannot see the Account setting tab at all when the face book page loads

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