Open My Computer using keyboard with quick run command


My Computer is one of most accessed part of Windows based computer. It provides access to all devices, drives and partitions installed on the computer. Ideally, you can double click My Computer icon on the desktop to open My Computer window. Here is quickest way to do so using keyboard:


Quick Run command to Open My Computer

1. Press Win + R keys to open Run box (or Click Start > Run).
2. Type (yeah, just 3 dots) and press Enter key.

My Computer window should be open on your PC. Easy, isnt it?

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  1. thanks yarrr it’ s rockeing

  2. not working in windows 7 ultimate boss….
    please help me..

  3. gaurav tripathi says:

    thanks dood its working

  4. awesome tip!!!
    most of the people don’t know about it

  5. thanks for this command i found excellent job boss

  6. boss i want ask you one question my command prompt screen is not show in full size i pressed alt+enter also but that not worked i use window 7 ultimate please give me reply on my email id thanks

  7. Anurag Tripathi says:

    Thanks dude amazing

  8. very good very tnx

  9. anjaly grace says:

    It is so stupidly simple !!! Thank you 🙂
    This was the commandline argument i was looking to open “my computer”

  10. Altaf shaikh says:

    hello my computer is not opened pls help me

  11. DIWAKAR BINDRA says:


  12. anmol raj says:

    thanks yaar.its rocking

  13. thanks you commend bye

  14. Just press Win + E from anywhere

  15. Baroni Parson says:

    Sweet! This will save me a lot of time.

  16. Really Nice…….

  17. Very Nice

  18. Elaiyaraja says:

    how to control web server in client system. Linux network checking command.

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