View & delete Clipboard contents / Clipbook data


Clipboard on Windows XP hold currently copied data like text, image or video file. Windows XP onward, Clipboard is also called Clipbook. You can easily view current contents of Clipboard and delete them as per requirement. Deletion of clipboard contents help free up system memory resources.

View Clipboard contents on Windows XP

1. Goto Start > Run. This will open Run box on your computer.

2. Type Clipbrd in the Run box and click OK button.


3. Clipbook viewer will appear showing current copied data on the Clipboard as seen in the screenshot above.

Delete Clipboard contents on Windows XP

1. Open Clipboard viewer (perform above steps 1 to 3).

2. Goto menu option Edit > Delete to delete and erase currently copied data on the clipboard.

3. This will display confirmations pop-up box. Click Yes on confirmation window to delete clipboard data.

Clipboard Viewer on Windows 7 & Vista PC

Above method will not work on Windows 7 and Vista computer as default clipboard viewer utility is not present on newer version of Windows. You can download free Clipboard Viewer for Windows 7 & Vista to view and delete clipboard contents.

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