Block emails from specific email ID / domain in Live Hotmail


There is lot of email spam (un-wanted email messages) received in inbox on daily basis. Windows Live Hotmail users can easily block receiving of messages from specific email ID address or domain (the part of an e-mail address after the @ sign). You can add list of email IDs or domains and block those senders.

Block emails from Email ID / domain

1. Goto & login into your email account.
2. Click “Mail”option link at the top of the webpage.
3. Then click “Options” > “More Options” on the right.


4. Click “Safe and blocked senders” option under “Junk e-mail”.
5. Click “Blocked senders” option under “Safe and blocked senders”.


6. Enter email ID like or any specific domain like to block and automatically delete emails from listed domains or email IDs. This is one easy way to block emails and reduce inbox clutter in Windows Live Hotmail.

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  1. Just a note here…I have tried to block all mail from gmail hotmail will not allow this domain to be blocked alas!!!!

  2. Suppose that everyone at is annoying … except for Joe. So I put in my hotmail address book, and I put in my Blocked Senders list. If Joe sends an email to me, what does hotmail do with the message? I.e., what, if any, are the precedence rules for hotmail’s 1) address book, 2) safe senders list, and 3) blocked senders list?
    Thanks for your time.

  3. When you block an email address, it says it will delete all emails from that contact. Does that refer to any future emails or any that you already have in your inbox or folders?

  4. yasar naseer says:

    whats about facebook mail alerts.

  5. this doesnt work for my hotmail id even after following the block steps, i still continue to get the mails from the same person please help

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