Keyboard shortcut keys to Copy Paste text


Copy paste of text is usual routine for any computer user. Computer beginners often spend more time in copy-paste of text as result of using right click menu and then click on copy / paste buttons. While this is easy way to copy – paste, there is even easier way to do this using keyboard shortcut keys.

Shortcuts keys for Copy Paste

To Copy text use Ctrl + C keys
To Paste text use Ctrl + V keys


While copying text, make sure you select the text by using mouse or press Ctrl + A to select all the text in a document. These are universal shortcut keys for copy paste and wok in every application that you might be using.

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  1. i need paste more different words by keyboard shortcuts
    (if i press ctrl+p=paste completed,and also if i press ctrl+y=paste none, like that more options)

  2. It is simple but i want a software that help me for pasting a same text again and again. I am working a project so i need such thing that help me and save my time for copy paste. I heard that there are software that helps for avoiding copy paste again and again we can use a short cut button. when this button press so automatically text paste in desired field. please answer me and help me for search.thanks

  3. Use this simple methond without installing any software and using only shortcuts and cmd /k

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