How to change Facebook account password


Facebook is a popular social networking website among online users. Accessing and interacting via Facebook account is a daily routine for many internet users. For few users, Facebook is life due to their profound level of usage and ultimate connection to online community of friends. Hence, it is important to keep your Facebook account secure by changing Facebook account password regularly after certain period of time. Also, if you feel your Facebook account password has been leaked, hacked or stolen – make sure you change to new Facebook account password immediately to be on safe side using following procedure.

Edit, change & update to new Facebook account password

1. Open website and enter the account details to login into your Facebook account. You can enter email ID or phone number in the username field and account password in the password field at top right part of Facebook’s homepage and then click Log In button.

2. Once your are logged into your Facebook account, click on “Down arrow” button on right side of top navigation bar next to “Home” button. Then click on “Account Settings” option to open Settings page of your Facebook account. You can also directly open “Account Settings” page using URL.

3. On “Account Settings” page, General tab is already selected showing you “General Account Settings” like name, username, email, password, networks and language. Click on Edit button next to “Password” option.

4. Type your current (existing Facebook password) and then type new password for your Facebook account in two text boxes (as seen in screenshot). Then click “Save Changes” button to finally save new password in your Facebook account settings.

Once you change password, make sure you remember it or note it down at (very) secure place. Also, you can try logging out from Facebook account and then attempt to login using new account password of your Facebook account (just to make sure that new password is working for you). [Updated on Sept 10, 2012]

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