How to save Wikipedia articles as printable PDF file

ADVERTISEMENTS is a huge online resource of useful information. You can find information about any topic, place, personality, place, event, etc on Wikipedia website.  Once you find required information, you may want to save specific Wikipedia article page or even print it directly for quick future reference. Wikipedia provide options to print off any available content or  save, download for sharing in the form of PDF document files.

Save Wikipedia articles as PDF or print them directly

1. Open specific Wikipedia article page (for example: that you want to save or print for future reference. Then look for Print/Export option on the left sidebar.

2. Click on Print/Export to expand for more options. To save specific Wikipedia page as PDF file, click on “Download as PDF” option. It will take few seconds to generate PDF file containing content of the specific Wikipedia article page.

Click on “Download the file” link to download PDF file containing all information as on original Wikipedia article page including: tabulated data, photos and descriptive text.

3. You can download article in PDF format and then print it from the downloaded PDF file. Alternatively, you can directly print the article from the web browser by clicking “Printable version” link without need to download article as PDF file. This will display print ready version of specific Wikipedia article, which can be printed directly.

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