Add picture / photo as avatar image in Yahoo Messenger


Yahoo messenger is a cool application to chat and stay connected with Yahoo friends. Just like any social networking platform showing personal (self) photo on your profile in Yahoo messenger is a usual routine.


Following is an easy procedure to add and show your picture as avatar image in Yahoo messenger.

Add your image as avatar in Yahoo Messenger

1. Open Yahoo Messenger and login.
2. Click menu option Messenger > My Display Image (or press Ctrl+Shift+F8)


3. Click & highlight on “Share my picture” option.
4. Then click on select button to see “My Pictures” window.


5. Click “Browse” button & select your image on the computer.
6. After selection, click Open, OK to see preview of selected image.
7. Click OK on “My Display Image” window to see your picture as avatar image in Yahoo Messenger.

Above procedure will show selected image as your avatar photo in Yahoo Messenger. At times, avatar image display is hidden, you may want to enable it to see avatar images of users in the chat window.

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