Write Subscript & Superscript text in Microsoft Office Word


Usually text in a given document has similar looking flow in terms of size, appearance and placement. To add distinctive focus on some part of text or to write math formulae, chemical equations we use Subscript & Superscript text properties. Subscript makes text little smaller and placed lower than usual text [like: Abc123]. While Superscript makes text little smaller and placed higher than usual text [like: Abc123].

Subscript & Superscript in Office 2003

1. Select text that you want to make Subscript or Superscript.
2. Goto menu option Format > Font


3. In Font window, check the Subscript or Superscript option.
4. Click OK to see selected text in Subscript or Superscript form.

Shortcut keys to make text Subscript & Superscript

To make Superscript: Press CTRL SHIFT =
To make Subscript: Press CTRL =

Subscript & Superscript in Office 2007

In Office 2007 you can use direct Subscript and Superscript button on ribbon menu. Select the text and then click on Subscript or Superscript button located right of bold, italic, underline buttons on ribbon menu.

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