Save MS Office 2007 documents in PDF / XPS format


By default Microsoft Office does not allows saving of documents in PDF / XPS format. Microsoft does provide an addon that can bring “save as PDF / XPS” feature to any of 8 Microsoft Office 2007 programs: Access, Excel, Infopath, OneNote, Powerpoint, Publisher, Visio and Word.

Get Save as PDF / XPS feature in Office 2007

1. Click here to download SaveAsPDFandXPS addon from MS website.
2. Click Download button as on above link.
3. Then click Save button on pop-up window.
4. Double click on downloaded file & perform installation.

After installation, open any document in Microsoft Office 2007 and goto (File > Save As). You will notice new PDF / XPS file saving option under save as menu in Microsoft Office 2007 that allow saving of any document in PDF or XPS format.

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  1. I usually convert to PDF using
    I convert the files to Word, edit them and then convert them back to PDF.

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