How to setup Gmail email account in Microsoft Outlook 2010?


Very soon, lot of Microsoft Office users will upgrade to newer Microsoft Office 2010 containing Outlook 2010. After the install, you need to setup Gmail account in Outlook for continued use. Setting up Gmail account in Outlook 2010 is straight forward and is very easy to complete.

Add Gmail account to Outlook 2010

1. Open Microsoft Outlook 2010 on your computer.
2. Click Office button located at top-left.
3. Click on Info > Account Settings > Add Account


4. In add new account window, add your email account details like: name, email address and password. Then Click on next button.


It will take few minutes to contact Gmail server and complete setup of Gmail account in MS Outlook 2010. After setup, you can access Gmail account contents from Outlook 2010. If you get any error, check if IMAP is enabled in your online Gmail account or try manual configure server settings option on add account window.

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  1. Tried your unstructions both ways 1st way says it is working ,IT IS NOT Emailing anything, if I send without using outlook it works pretty good ..can you lead me in the right direction I am using a trial version of Outlook 2010….have had to many issues
    on multiple computers with multiple operators using Microsoft programs & deciided
    to try before purchase…unfortunately Microsoft has poor to none support for OUTLOOK 2010 in the trial version…am considering canning all my equipment and going to is getting ridiculuos,

  2. More Reference

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