1. Do not remember my user name or password.

    Lydia A McLeod

  2. Willem de Raadt says:

    I am unable to open an email account under the name of as the username and I cannot remember the password. I do receive mail to this address but it is not recognised by gmail for me to enter into that account.

    Would be grateful for an early response.

  3. where I fail to understand Google is if I ask for help because I cannot access my account or password after Purchasing a New PC this.. How in the Heck Can they send Me my recovery name an Password to an Account I cannot access???? Are these people Insane?

  4. All I did was to purchase a new PC and now My Gmail Account is Gone? I have tried to fill all the questions in the recovery section. But How can I remember 5 or 6 years old mail? or if I was invited or dates when it was activated? I have entered a new gmail account but is useless to me all My DATA is in the UN accessible G mail that I need daily.

  5. I had my phone turned on after it was disconected. But now that I got a new number I lost all contacts,pix, videos, almost everything n I tried getting my old gmail account but its not working I followed everything n nothing works

  6. Dan Walker Jr. says:

    I do not remember the correct username nor my password for my gmail account. when i requested it three or them showed up. please send to my email… thanks

  7. andreas mackey says:

    how do i find my gmail user name is my phone is dead

  8. Susan Persaud says:

    This is the worst account I’ve ever seen to get signed into

  9. cordilia serrato says:

    my android phone is locked up. to unlock it i need my gmail account info. i am unable to remember both user name or password since i never used this account since i set it up. is there a way to receive this info with my cell number since this was the only reason i created the account because Verizon required it for my new phone to work.

  10. thanxxxxxxxxxxx i m happyyyyyy nowwwwwwwwwwwww

  11. aungchanmyo says:

    i want to know how to recovery password gmail easy
    no use software

  12. shabba singh says:

    i forgot my username and password and i did not put no recovery address i lost all my contacts in my phone so is there a way to get my contacts back

  13. Sohel Rana Ratan says:

    Please help me. I can not open the gmail. How to recovery password? I need my gmail account. wait for reply.


  14. Both my wife’s’ and my names/passwords did not show up in firefox when we attempted to connect with gmail this morning. All of the names/passwords are still in Firefox and virus checks on both computers showed no issues – but we had to reenter them in Firefox to access the email accounts.

  15. i forget my password…..plz hlp

  16. Dear team, i am lost my g mail password help please!

  17. i can not remember my username for my gmail account on my mobile phone how can i find it

  18. boy!! they, sure are on top of things and respond with help immediately!!! umm… that was sarcasm!!! come on people whats the hold up with the answers. im very irritated, i created my accound and now says my PW is incorrect which i know is B.S.!! because i use the same password for everything and theres no way its the wrong one. the is NO ICON to click on to renew or find password or old password!! ITS NOT EVEN THERE AS IT USED TO BE. Someone help plz!!?? thanks in advance

  19. jerome taylor says:

    I am commenting on and about to give you the information provided that I am trouble logging in to my account.I have had problems logging in since last Friday, which is Feb. 03, 2012. I was creating me an account under a privacy policy. I was located at one of the local; library in Dallas, tx. I had to type in my vehicle registration, but time I started typing in the computer had shut off immmediately,and thats why I couldn’t log in my account, but one more thing I Think someone have been using my account and that resulted in me enabling me to accces my own acount.Will you please fix this problem?Will you please? give me the update to let me know whether or not that this problem can be resolved.

  20. i remember my username &password but i do not open my account .why?

  21. help me.

  22. Michael Estevez says:

    I had the same problem but was able to recover my account following the steps on this article

  23. i have gmail account , but i cant access that becoz my resisterd mobile number on gmail i lost.. so plz any can give me suggest that what i can do , recover my account

  24. GMAIL SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thiefs of our information!!! This has cost me around £400 as I can’t access past emails from a company I purchased an item from. The only evidence was the gmails!!!!!!!!!! Anyone would think it was the year dot!!!! You guys have not got a clue! I am sure they don’t even read this stuff. What’s the use. Just pass on the message, tell everyone, AVOID GMAIL. isn’t this google accounts? heck, avoid google then. sorted.

  25. Dear google you suck I am switching to whatever other email, mr. stupids, biggest company my ass…

  26. Michael Estevez says:

    If you have a problem with gmail login just go to to find the right answer.

  27. Michael Estevez says:

    I had the same problem because I forgot my password. It happens to all of us, you might have forgotten your password or username and now need to recover it or in other instances, you might have been hacked or left your account open somewhere. But, there is no need to worry, this tutorial will help you get your account back by following a couple of simple steps. I was able to recover my Gmail account following this tutorial:

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