How to delete / remove your Twitter account?


Twitter is a popular way to socialize and micro blog online. On Twitter you can build huge community around your Twitter profile by following and getting followed by lot of other Twitter users. Incase you have decided to quit Twitter due to certain reason like: Twitter overload, allow someone else to grab your Twitter URL etc – following the simple procedure to delete your Twitter account.

Steps to delete account

1. Goto & login into your account.
2. Click Settings link at top right.


3. Under “Account” tab scroll down for “Delete My Account” link.
4. Then click “Okay, Fine, Delete my account” button.


This will permanently delete your Twitter account and it cannot be restored. It may take few days for complete removal of your account tweets and messages on

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  1. ow do i delete my twitter ?

  2. for some reason the link for deleting your twitter is no longer there 🙁

  3. ارتكاز says:

    I have duplicated account on Twitter. But the second one is created by someone else with same company name . How to report and Want to confirm that Twitter take action or not?
    Thank You!

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