How to Shutdown, logOff, Restart computer with shortcut?


Ideally to shutdown, logoff or restart the computer – we goto start, select the option and then click on shutdown, restart or logoff button. Are you tired of too many clicks to perform a simple task? You can create a shortcut icon to shutdown, logoff and restart computer and perform it in less clicks.

Shortcut for shutdown, logoff, restart

1. Right Click on empty space on the desktop.
2. Then click on New > Shortcut


3. Type the following under “type the location of the item”:

To Shutdown type Shutdown.exe -s
To Restart type shutdown.exe -r
To Logoff type shutdown.exe -l

[Above, only type text in bold]

4. Then type name for the created shortcut.
5. Click Finish to see new shortcut icon on the desktop.

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