How to install Microsoft Silverlight on computer?


Just like Adobe Flash player plugin, Silverlight is a plugin from Microsoft that allows you to view web content created using Silverlight technology. It is a new technology and is used by number of websites to create videos, graphics and motion content using Silverlight. Hence, we need Silverlight plugin installed to able to view such content in web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox and so on.

Intall Microsoft Silverlight

silverlight1. Check basic system requirements. Your computer should be running Windows operating system (XP, Vista, 7) with Internet Explorer or Firefox web browser. Alternatively, it can be Mac OS with Safari web browser.

2. Goto Silverlight download page and then click Run on prompt window to start the installation process.

3. After the install, verify Microsoft Silverlight installation. Goto this linkand see if you can view content on Silverlight powered webpage [more info on Silverlight verify procedure].

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