How to receive Live Hotmail email alerts on Mobile phone?


In Toadys world we are connected through web and mobile technology. Windows Live Hotmail has cool feature that allows you to receive new email message alerts on your mobile phone. To get started, you need to register your phone number and provide basic details to complete the setup process.

Configure to receive email alerts on mobile phone

1. Login into Windows Live Hotmail account & goto inbox.
2. Click on Options > More Options (at extreme right).
3. Click “Mobile alerts for new messages” option. It should be 2nd last option under “Customize your mail”.


4. Click on setup mobile SMS option (or click here). Enter mobile phone number and then select your service provider from drop down menu

5. You will receive code via SMS on your mobile. Enter that code on next screen and then click next.


Again goto “Mobile alerts for new messages” option under “Customize your mail” and customize different settings for which you should receive mobile alerts like receive alerts only for emails from specific contacts etc.

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  3. br. i;m live in pakistan plzzz help how to register hotmail on mobile phone my cell phone is semens c72 plz help meee

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