Configure Gmail to send automatic email reply on vacation


It is important to inform online friends and contacts about your offline vacation status, as they attempt to contact you by sending emails on your Gmail account. Just like Vacation Reply feature on Live Hotmail, we have similar feature on Gmail using “Vacation Time” labs option.

Setup automatic vacation email reply

1. Login into Gmail account.
2. Click on Settings option at top right.
3. Click on Labs tab on the settings page.
4. Scroll down and look for “Vacation Time” option. Select Enable and then click Save Changes button.


5. Click “General” tab on the settings page and check for “Vacation responder” option. Select ON option, type your automated email message with subject line and click Save Changes.

You can also check or tick option to “Only send a response to people in my Contacts” to avoid sending automated reply to every incoming email during vacation period. Keep your email friends and contacts informed while you enjoy vacation time!

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