Send Auto Reply emails when on vacation: Live Hotmail


While on vacation we do not have access to internet. Even if internet access is present, we tend to ignore online world and enjoy vacation to fullest. Windows Live Hotmail has “Vacation Reply’ feature that sends automatic reply for incoming emails during your vacation period.

Setup Vacation Reply in Live Hotmail

1. Login into Windows Live Hotmail account & goto inbox.
2. Click on Options > More Options (at extreme right).


3. Click “Send automated vacation replies” under option “Manage your account”.

4. Type message that will be sent to incoming email contacts during your vacation period. Auto Reply messages are not sent for email that land in your Junk folder.


By default, auto reply is only sent for email IDs in your contacts. You can turn this option by unchecking it at the bottom and send auto reply message to every email received in your inbox during vacation. When you are back from vacation, remember to turn OFF this feature.

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  1. Will it send a reply to people that sent him or her a message? Or will it just keep sending them a message that says whatever??
    I’m not really going on vacation, but I don’t check my email alot. So..

  2. i want to block one of user gmail & send back auto reply that user has block ur mail.

    how can i do it ?

  3. I don’t have the “Send automated vacation replies” ..what can I do? I have only 3 other options but not that one. Thanks

  4. adele slifker says:

    I am not able to get “Vacation Reply in Windows Life Hotmail.”It says
    “Note that vacation repliescurrently do not work inWindows Life Hotmai.” WHY
    This is an important service. I would like to get it back. Thanks.

  5. these are the only options available under manager your accounts

    Manage your account

    * View and edit your personal information
    * Send and receive mail from other e-mail accounts
    * Forward mail to another e-mail account

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