Change color theme of Outlook [Hotmail] inbox


Just like Gmail has number of themes to give new look to inbox, new (previously called Windows Live Hotmail) has color based theme options. By default, inbox has blue and white combination. You can replace the blue color with a different color as per your liking. Color change will be rendered to various elements in the Outlook inbox.

Change theme of Windows Live Hotmail

1. Login into email account at or website. After successful login, you should see inbox with default blue bar and white background color.

2. Click on Options icon at the top right and select either of available color choice including: pink, dark red, dark orange, orange, light green, green, light teal, teal, light blue, blue, purple and dark purple.

This will change color of top navigation bar of your Outlook inbox giving it a fresh look. Selected color will also show when browsing emails in the inbox and on action links while reading specific email.

Even though these color based theme only modify header of your Outlook (Windows Live Hotmail), they are still good enough to give little color splash in usual all white interface. Current theme customizing options are limited and we expect Microsoft to add more radical theme options including support for background images. [Updated, Originally published on Jul 24, 2009]

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