How to add tags to photos in Orkut albums?


Orkut is a popular social networking website (specially in India and Brazil). Like any other networking website, photo sharing is major activity of Orkut users. Lot of photos are uploaded and shared on Orkut everyday. You can add tags to photos and link to respective Orkut accounts of people shown or appearing in images.

Photo Tagging in Orkut

1. Login into Orkut & open any Image page in your album.
2. Click on “Tag a Friend’ link at bottom right of the photo.
3. Using mouse, select face of friend or specific portion of image.


4. A pop-up window will appear. You can add name of the friend or describe selected location. You will also get pop menu with suggested friend names for selected portion of image.
5. Click Save to add tag to image in your Orkut album.

Tagging is useful fun for group images

Tagging is useful fun feature for group photos. Using above procedure you can select face of specific friend(s) in a group photo and link to their respective Orkut account(s). With new auto face detection feature, all new photos will have highlighted faces in group photos which you can click and add quick tags. Tryout!

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